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24 june, 2019
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Media dictionary

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Beta Binomial Exposure Distribution (BBD)
popular mathematical procedure for estimating vehicle exposure distributions based on single- insertion ratings and self- and cross-pair reach of the schedule.

Beta Binomial Matrix Exposure Distribution (BBMD) Model
similar to the BBD, which is applied to individual vehicles only, using the product of individual vehicle exposure distributions to derive a multiple vehicle exposure distribution.

term used in connection with outdoor advertising broadly used to encompass: poster panels; 8- sheet, 30-sheet and junior panels; and painted bulletins.

brand awareness

Brand Development Index (BDI)
tool often used by advertisers to allocate media effort across markets, where typically an index of 100 means that the percentage of brand sales in a market is proportional to the percentage of target consumers in the market. Planners often customize the se indices to account for a variety of important and weighted marketing factors. These are often used in conjunction with product Category Development Indices (CDIs).

Business Publications Audit of Circulation, Inc. (BPA)
organization that verifies and publishes distribution and other information on industry and trade press.

Usually stands for a media-buying specialist
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