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24 august, 2019
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Media dictionary
Media dictionary

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The results of an advertising campaign.

The presentation of an advertising message to a prospective or existing client.

Usually stands for a media-planning specialist, who is an employee of an advertiser or agency who coordinates media aspects of a campaign and selects the most effective media to use. Important factors in media planning include: the campaign; the budget, size and character of the market profile; and the positioning opportunities in the media.

Signs, displays, and other techniques of attracting attention and promoting products at their location of sale.

A large, bound volume containing samples of past work and used by an agency or an artist to promote business.

refers to the preferential placement of ads in specific media. For print, positioning might mean the placement of an ad to face an editorial, on the right page, on the back cover or inside cover etc. For TV, this means the choice of the position within the ad-block – first / last etc.

A graphic advertisement attached to a flat surface or standing up with a clip backing.

A pitch or a description of a proposed advertising campaign.

Press Kit
A collection of editorial and promotional materials distributed to the media about a person, product, or company. Journalists use these materials to learn about the subject. Michael J. Motto Public Relations has found that a concise, well-written press kit is an invaluable aid in generating print media publicity. Increasingly, audio and videotaped press kits are used to solicit radio and TV journalists’ attention.

Prime time
Most advertising-efficient time of day. For TV it is considered to be since 19.00 to 00.00 for working days and all the day on week-ends. However, each client may define the prime-time according to his own prefences (say, working days - 19.00 – 23.00 and week-end - 18.00 – 24.00)

Print ad sizes
Type area: the area on the page of a publication that is surrounded by margins and can be filled with text or picture. The size of this area is indicated in mm. Trim size: the real, final size of a publication. An ad has this size if it runs up to the edge of the page. The safety size of this is bleed, which is a larger surface: there is about a 5-mm wide margin for safety at each side of the trim-sized ad.

Prompted brand awareness
Equals the percentage of consumer, which remembered the trademark after it was mentioned in conversation. This figure is especially important for new brands, because long-since-presented brands usually have high figures foraided brand awareness.
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