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20 june, 2019
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Media dictionary

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Share of Voice (SOV), Share of Spending (SOS)
Share of Voice (SOV), Share of Spending (SOS): the brand’s or advertiser’s advertising weight expressed as a percentage of a defined total market or market segment in a given time period. The weight is usually defined in terms of expenditures (SOS) or ratings (SOV).

SOV(share of voice)
% of total category advertising contributed by each brand. The share of voice represents the percentage of impressions your ads comprise within your competitive category's media spending against a particular audience universe. The share of market represents the percentage of use your client's product receives versus the competition within the audience universe.

Campaign split (budget/GRP) on a certain criterium (channel split, months split, spot-version split). Say, month split may look like this: June July Total TRP's 100 100 200 % 50% 50% 100%

Spontaneous brand awareness, Unaided brand awareness
Characterizes the percentage of consumers, which remembered that they know a certain trademark without its preliminary mentioning.Spontaneous brand awareness shows the likelihood of that its target consumers will be interested in trying or buying the product.

An advertising commercial for TV-broadcasting.
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