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16 july, 2019
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15 july 2004 | 12:46

The evolution theory

The International Advertising Festival in Cannes – the largest congestion of advertising and marketing experts from all world. Every year here comes about 8 thousand delegates. Spectators have an opportunity to see more than 18 thousand advertising works from all world: 5 thousand spots, 3,5 thousand posters, 6 thousand works in press, 1,2 thousand websites, 1 thousand on-line works, 800 media solutions and 1,2 thousand works in direct-marketing. The history of the International Festival of advertising "The Cannes Lions" began in 1950 when the group of the contractors selling advertising time at cinemas, decided to organize a series of meetings of an experience exchange. On one of these meetings the decision to create the world association protecting the rights of media sellers was accepted. In three years after this meeting, in 1953, the World Association of Advertising on the Big Screen (SAWA) was created. Its founders became an Englishman Ernest Perl, Frenchman Jean Mineau, German Fritz Rotsschield and Argentinean Kurt Louee. One of first steps of association was the creation of the SAWA advertising exhibition. In 1953 the exhibition was taken place in an ancient Cannes palace (today there is hotel Noga Hilton). In the next, 1954 the Italian member SAWA - firm Sipra proposed to held the action in Venice. 1954 is considered the year of the foundation of the International Festival of Advertising – this year in Venice a competition of advertising spots for cinemas – The SAWA Festival - was held. Prizes were given to the three of winners. First advertising spots at The SAWA Festival were divided into categories by technical criteria: timing, a plot, filmed and animation spots. However to the beginning of 1967 the decision on division of spots categories according to promoted production or services was accepted. In 1969 Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions were given to winners. The lions replicated one of the most well-known sculptures of Venice – a winged Venetian lion. To displeasure of Italian organizers of SAWA Festival, at the end of 70-s the festival started to lose the popularity. The matter is that there were strikes of workers in Italy, undermined tourist industry of cities. In 1984 Italian "scorpiers" have reached apogee, and organizers have transferred a place of festival to Cannes, France. Italian participants of SAWA forbade using a reproduction of the Venetian sculpture for awards. In reply SAWA removed the lions wings. In 1992 organizers have expanded the Festival frameworks. In addition to a category "Advertising spots", there began to be accepted applications in a category "Press and posters". By that time the Cannes Festival became the most prestigious contest of advertising works in the world. In 1995 the “Young Creatives Contest” (up to 30 years old) started to be carried out. Each country could present the command consisting of two people, - a copywriter and an art-director. In 1996 "Fair of creative opportunities" (Cannes Lions Village) on which advertising agencies, design and creative companies, post-production-studios, musical libraries and tones-studios showed their opportunities passed for the first time. In 1998 within the framework of the Cannes Festival of Advertising for the first time was held a competition "Virtual Lion". Two Grand prix were awarded: for the best web-site and the best on-line advertising. In 1999 a category for the best media strategy was started - "Media Lion". In the category works of any companies connected to media were estimated: made by advertising agencies, media agentcies, advertisers and mass-media. It was originally supposed, that the contest on the best media would be separately carried out, but then the decision to leave "Media Lion" under the wing of the International Festival of advertising was accepted. In 1999 the International festival of advertising together with label EMI Music Publishing has founded the new premium - for the best music support. "The Music Lion" is externally very similar to the colleagues from the other nominations, but as the real expert of music, carries headphones. In 2002 category “Lions Direct” estimating works in sector of direct marketing appeared. Prizes and awards At the Cannes Advertising Festival exists 6 basic categories generated by kinds of advertising: "Advertising spot ", "Outdoor advertising", "Press&Posters ", "Virtual Lion ", " Media Lion" and “Lions Direct”. Inside each category there are product subcategories – nominations. As a rule, the nominations are the following: Alcohol; Soft drinks; Household goods; Cosmetics; Clothes, footwear, accessories; Automobiles; Other vehicles, car services; House electronics, audio-video; Travel, transport, tourism; Entertainments, rest; the Business equipment and services; Social services; Corporate image; Public health and safety; Social advertising; Charity. In each nomination gold, silver and bronze awards ("Lions") are handed over. The only exception is the category "Media Lion" where prizes are not divide into gold, silver and bronze. The best works are marked by "Media lions". The Grand prix is awarded to the best work in each category. There is no general Grand prix of festival, but it’s considered, that the Grand prix in a category "Advertising spot" is the main prize of festival. Special competitions are in addition carried out: "Agency of the year", "The Palm Branch ", "Advertiser of the year ", "Media person of the year ", "Award from press ", "Music Lion ", "Titanium Lion" and "Young creative". "Agency of the year " becomes the most titled agency in the category "Advertising spot " and "Outdoor advertising and advertising in press" on results of the current festival. "The palm branch" is received by the production-studio, which has received most of all of prizes on results of the festival. The award "Advertiser of the year " is awarded to clients for the innovative and effective approach to marketing of their products and services. The award " Media person of the year " receives the leader of the media industry. "The award from press" is received with the advertising spot, which has won sympathy of journalists (it is defined by voluntary voting of the journalists accredited at Festival). In competition "Music Lion" is estimated the best soundtrack to an advertising spot. "Titanium Lion" gets to work which four presidents of jury will consider an "advertising break of year" (passes since 2003). In competition young creatives four Lions are given out: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Virtual. The JuryIt is possible to be the judge of the Cannes festival only once in a life. Members of the Jury in 2004 became: · the President in a category "Advertising spot" and "Outdoor advertising and advertising in press " - Piyush Padei (the president of group and creative director Ogilvy and Mather India); · the President in a category "Virtual Lion" - Robert Greenberg (chairman, CEO and creative director R/GA); · the President in a category "Media Lion" - Alexander Schimt-Vogel, (executive director MediaCom Worldwide); · the President in a category “Lions Direct” - Howard Draft (chairman and CEO Draft Inc.) In 2004 in categories "Advertising spot " and "Outdoor advertising and advertising in press" as the Russian representative came in the Jury of festival "Cannes Lions" Anna Gladkova (the head of creative group of the agency Lowe Adventa). As young creative on competition there arrived Irina Bazhanova (magazine "Creative") and Vitaly Shepelev (Lowe Adventa). Details The full registration for all actions of the Cannes festival this year costs 2093 euros. There is a registration for 3 days of festival (viewing TV, printed and the outdoor advertising), registration for the program of seminars Lions Direct and registration for the program of seminars "Media Lion" that is little bit cheaper. These variants will cost 1375,4 euros. The Brazilian Washington Olivetto (W/Brasil) has in total received 44 Cannes Lions (18 Gold, 8 Silver and 18 Bronze). As of 2003 network DDB won most of all awards at the Cannes festival for all history of his existence. Only for last 15 years (1988-2003) DDB has received 293 Lions. The most titled advertiser for last 5 years is Nike. During the period from 1999 to 2003 Nike advertising received two Grand prix in a category "Advertising spot” for “Touch-last" and "Tennis" in 2002 and for "Golf" and "Run" in 1998. Participation in contest of the Cannes festival of advertising costs:
Category Sum (euro)
"Advertising spot" 550
"Advertising in press" 290
"Outdoor advertising" 290
"Virtual Lion" 250
"Media a lion" 250
"Lions Direct" 400

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