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21 september, 2019
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28 april 2009 | 12:28

Spike Lee On The Democratisation Of Creativity

User-Generated Content. Laudable or Laughable?

Spike Lee, Writer, Director, Actor, Producer, Author
Nick Smith, Group Managing Director - Accenture Marketing Sciences
Ann Mukherjee, Group Vice President of Marketing - Frito Lay

User-Generated Content. The intentions are good enough. The democratisation of creativity. Placing the brands in the hands of users. Handing consumers control. But in practice, how serious are we?

What would happen if brands really handed the reins over to consumers? What if brands asked consumers to create content directly? How will this change the agency model as we know it?

Spike Lee, the Emmy Award-winning and Academy-nominated film director, producer, writer and actor, has recently entered the user-generated content fray directing a short film comprising YouTube-style videos created by teenagers and adults using their mobile phones for Nokia. Spike is coming to Cannes Lions to share his own UGC experiences and preside over the results of the MOFILM user-generated content initiative.

MOFILM’s competition sees twelve of the world’s biggest brands, including AT&T, Doritos, HP, Kodak, Marriott, Nokia, Philips, Telstra Visa and Vodafone, hand over a real brief to consumers across the world as part of a global competition.

Joining Spike on stage will be Ann Mukherjee, VP Marketing of Frito Lay, who commissioned the landmark Doritos 'Crash the Super Bowl' campaign, Nick Smith, Group Managing Director of Accenture Marketing Sciences and other special guests, all part of an action-packed panel on the subject.

For more information on how to get involved in the MOFILM user-generated content initiative, visit
Cannes Lions
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