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22 august, 2019
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The home of this site proudly states: "Exploring pop culture since 1993". Though the existence of pop culture (?) may be highly doubtable, this blog page is a good location to spend time, if you're looking for some curios news on social life worldwide, including marketing, advertising and brands. But seek not boring analytics and statistics, for you will find none.
Information on established prices for advertising and opportunities of mass-media. The "Tender" section allows you to apply and participate in competitions on rendering of advertising services. The structure of the site is designed by geographical principle.

American Advertising Federation
Protects and promotes the well-being of advertising through a unique, nationally coordinated grassroots network of advertisers, agencies, media companies, local advertising associations and college chapters.

AmeriStat is developed by the Population reference Bureau in partnership with demographer Bill Frey. AmeriStat gives you instant summaries — in graphics and text — of the demographic characteristics of the U.S. population.

Site of the Association of Advertising Companies of Altai. News of the advertising market of Altai, information on Association, directions of its activity, etc. are submitted.

Audit Bureau of Circulations
ABC is the first and largest circulation-auditing organization in the world, maintaining the foremost electronic database of audited-circulation information and a growing array of verified readership data. Reports and services are offered in a variety of flexible formats, including print, CD-ROM and online access. In addition to auditing print publications and new media ventures, ABC also verifies online activity through its interactive auditing subsidiary ABC Interactive.

Augusta Advertising Federation
Our organization represents marketing and advertising professionals from a variety of industries including broadcast, electronic, outdoor and print media as well as specialty and direct mail houses, ad agencies, and media, marketing and public relations managers for an array of business and not-for-profit organizations throughout metro Augusta, Georgia.

Brand Republic
Brand Republic is for client marketers and their agencies. Content includes top stories and features from current week's magazine with a regular news update and what's new in New Media, including Webwatch.

Online meeting place for professionals in the advertising, marketing and creative fields.

The online version of the weekly magazine edited exclusively for America's top brand marketing executives.

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