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20 september, 2019
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Press clipping
Cannes lions
NTV: global changes

Cannes lions
By Ira Teinowitz

WASHINGTON - In the immediate wake of President Bush's victory and John Kerry's defeat, national advertising groups expressed concern that a fifth of U.S. voters listed "moral values" as one of their most important reasons for voting.

Wire services reported that nationwide election day polls found that 22% of U.S. voters cited "moral values" as their primary concern in voting. By comparison, only 19% named terrorism as their top concern.
Dreaming of an e-Christmas
By David Menzies

Unlike Santa, Canadian e-retailers don't consistently deliver. DAVID MENZIES offers a helpful holiday wish list to fix the problem
The publication of a Christmas column so soon after Halloween is nothing short of horrific I'll grant you that. (Then again, the first Santa-festooned print ad I spotted this year appeared on Labour Day weekend, so what do I know?) What's been more horrific is the performance of those merchants promoting the merits of the much-ballyhooed online Christmas.
A Short, Sweet Turnkey E-Mail Campaign
BY Karen Gedney

Canada's top human resources professionals are recognized annually with the Vision Awards. Ray & Berndtson, Ottawa's largest executive search firm, in cooperation with that province's Human Resources Professionals Association, established the Vision Awards in 1999. Up until last year, the calls for nominations and the invitations to the award ceremony were sent via direct mail.

For the event's fifth anniversary, Elizabeth Kiraga, Vision Awards administrator, decided to both brand the event and move promotion online.
There They Go Again: Microsoft's Latest Foray Into Television
IT'S THE WORLD'S BIGGEST AND most powerful software company. But when it comes to the most revolutionary device to come to TV users since the VCR you think TiVo - not Microsoft.

Microsoft says it offers the best software in the world. But it missed the branding boat when it came to a device, which has given average TV consumers to do something that always seemed to confound them: record TV programs easily.
The Beast Under the Bed
By George Simpson

Exactly when was it that the Internet turned into that wild-eyed, blood thirsty, hairy monster that hides under every kid's bed just waiting for a tentative foot to descend toward the floor so it can drag the child to a horrible death amid the dust bunnies, comic books, socks, and Lego bits that also live under the bed?
Olimpic Games in Athenes
History of relay race of Olympic fire, the sponsor's program of Games, the outdoor advertising of the Greek life in Athenes...
Can TV and the web splice?


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